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Be a Governance Game Changer. What, How & Why?

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12 noon WAT, Wednesday January 19 2022


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Be a governance game changer.

What, how & why?

The Butterfly Coalition has been formed to provide you with the tools, mindset and community support to make governance pay in your African business and board, and to spark a movement game changing governance across Africa.

Our monthly webinar series will focus on governance issues exercising you and provide pragmatic solutions and ideas for tackling them. Join us to make a difference for yourself and others. Make your African business thrive on integrity.

Is this you too?

“There needs to be a critical mass in society where people are prepared to speak up because there is always a cost to doing the right thing, not just individual costs but there might be business costs as well. So, it needs strength of character and support from an organisation or from others to be able to do it.”

“I just want to see how we can move things forward – because I don’t think anything should be this hard.”

Quotes from research conducted with Nigerian female C-suite executives, entrepreneurs and governance professionals in Q4, 2020

FREE 90 minute Webinar: 12noon Wednesday January 19th, 2022

Topic and panellists to be announced soon.


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