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Butterfly Coalition

Game changing governance in Africa with women as the catalyst.



Butterfly Coalition

Game changing governance in Africa with women as the catalyst

To make good governance pay in your business, board and community


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Welcome to the Butterfly Coalition

The Butterfly Coalition is a members organisation for women executives, entrepreneurs and professionals committed to game changing governance in Africa. Our mission is to help you make good governance pay in your business, board and community.

Join the Butterfly Coalition to make good governance pay in Africa for:


I want my integrity and commitment to good governance to be recognised and to earn me respect. I want to join like-minded women who walk the talk on governance.


My Business

I want my business to be founded and sustained by good governance practices inside and outside our organisation.




My Board

I want my Board to work with best governance practices in a respectful environment open for challenge. No more lip service please.



My Community

I want my family to be a part of a community that experiences good governance in everyday interactions to make life easier and fairer.


Is this you too?

“There needs to be a critical mass in society where people are prepared to speak up because there is always a cost to doing the right thing, not just individual costs but there might be business costs as well. So, it needs strength of character and support from an organisation or from others to be able to do it.”

“I just want to see how we can move things forward – because I don’t think anything should be this hard.”

Quotes from research conducted with Nigerian female C-suite executives, entrepreneurs and governance professionals in Q4, 2020

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Join Our Monthly Webinar Series: Be a governance game changer: What, how & why?

Webinar 3: Wednesday September 29, 2021

Recognise and Prevent Conflict of Interest

With Pamela Watson, Founder of Butterfly Coalition and Olatowun Candide-Johnson, Founder of GAIA Africa and guest panellists.

Conflicts of interest exist in African business, often unrecognised for what they are and misunderstood as to why they should be stopped. After all, shouldn't you help your sister?

Our panel will discuss conflict of interest: how to recognise it, the consequences of failing to eliminate it without exception and how to prevent it recurring in your small and large businesses in Africa.

We invite you to offer your experiences and point of view to our discussion during our Q&A.

Register now for our next FREE webinar exploring this important governance policy and offering pragmatic insight and solutions you can relate to and implement.

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